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"I'm always amazed at how people take good care of their cars, but let their billion dollar gift - their body - fall into disrepair."

Why I Decided To Add "Health and Wellness" to a Golf Website

My golf biography is on the golf site home page , and I have studied fitness all of my life. That's a long time - I was born in 1946, do the math!

I had a wonderful 22 year career with the New York State Police from 1970 through 1992. Early in my career, in the early to late seventies, I was the head instructor at the NYSP Academy in Albany, NY for the Physical Fitness and Defensive Tactics programs.

As part of the Physical Fitness program, I developed a curriculum for a classroom Physical Education course that was accredited with three S.U.N.Y. College credits. I also developed an In-Service course that had physical fitness components for use in the NYSP In-Service classes at the Academy and in the field.

In the late seventies and early eighties I ran a fitness class at the YMCA in Batavia, NY.

I accepted the Genesee Community College Head Coach position for their newly formed golf team in 2009. I coached there for two years, and in the first year (2009 - 2010 season) we finished fourteenth in the region, which was in the lower end of the pack.

The 2010 - 2011 GCC team went all the way to a fourth place finish at the NJCAA National Championship Tournament. One of the main reasons was that our team was in better shape than most - if not all - of the other teams due to the fitness and strength training program that I created and implemented for the team.

I'm not claiming that the team loved me for it on those cold mornings in January when they had to drag their butts into the GCC gym at 6 am daily, five days per week, for their early morning weight workouts, conditioning and swing work. But they didn't have much room to complain because I did everything that they did. After nationals, they thanked me for the work we did in the weight room and the gym.

In 2013 I became an Authorized Weight Loss Coach for the TLS Weight Loss Solutions program.

As you can see - golf, health, fitness, and wellness have always been - and always will be - of interest to me. In fact the older I get, the more interested I become in how the body can continue to function strongly as it ages. I believe these interests mesh well with golf, which can be a lifetime sport if you keep yourself healthy and strong.

One note - you might be asking yourself "why should I be interested in why someone takes supplements?"

The short answer is that it will help your golf. The long answer is that it will help your life.

I am a firm believer that by keeping your body healthy and strong, you are taking the first steps towards being able to play good golf.

Functional health and functional fitness works for golf. I don't believe that anyone needs exotic "golf diets" or even "golf specific fitness programs" to play the game at a high level. I'll talk more about exercise in the fitness section, but suffice to say that I truly believe that even on the professional level, some time that could be devoted to swing technique work is unnecessarily spent in the gym. I'll get into that a little deeper in the strength training. portion of the fitness. section.

Why I Am Sold On Supplements for Health and Strength.

Early in 2013 my wife and I started taking some all natural supplements after doing some research on the need for dietary supplementation for health maintenance.

Here are our stories about how they helped our lives.

I have personally enjoyed very good health in my lifetime. I don't drink or smoke, and I exercise regularly. I used to exercise fanatically, now I just exercise regularly because I have different goals.

However, I had two issues that I was searching for answers to: I didn't feel that I was getting all the nutrients from my diet that I needed (partially due to my acid reflux), and I've had chronically sore knees for about twenty years. The knee soreness was particularly vexing because it prevented me from performing any significant lower body weight training exercises like deadlifts or squats, which are the kings of compound body exercises. It also made me wince when I traversed stairs, and when I aggressively straightened my front leg through impact in the golf swing. I was living with the discomfort, but not liking it. Over the counter anti-inflammatory meds offered some temporary relief, but I didn't like the thought of what they were doing to my stomach. I mentioned that I have acid reflux to begin with, so those temporary fixes compounded the problem.

It made sense to me that if you needed a vitamin or mineral that your body doesn't make, that you need to take it.

If the body doesn't make it, you need to take it, period.

My research showed that I would need to eat a lot of foods that I don't necessarily care for to get them, and I didn't want to graze on food all day, so good supplements seemed like a logical path.

I found a company that made excellent supplements and got myself on a regimen. They also made some protein shakes and whey protein powder, so I also started taking them in conjunction with my progressive resistance weight training program.

A little over a year later (July 2014), I no longer take any blood pressure medication, I no longer take any high cholesterol medication, and I only take my acid reflux medication once every two or three weeks vs. daily before I started taking supplements. My lab blood work is perfect.

On the fitness side of things, in the last year I've dropped 15 lbs. In the last six months since I've added some protein supplementation and another product that contains branch chain amino acids, my deadlift poundage has almost doubled, and my bench press has increased 40% (ten repetition sets). Some of that increase can be attributed to the type of workout that I do, and some increase can be attributed to the body learning the movements (motor learning), but I attribute the vast majority of the gains to the workout intensity and supplements that I take.

Perhaps most importantly, I have had zero knee pain in my life since I started taking a particular joint support supplement. In fact, as an experiment I recently stopped taking it for a week, and my knee soreness returned. About five days after I got back on the joint support formula, the knee pain was gone.

My wife's experience with supplements was even more dramatic.

In 2009, my wife Mary was diagnosed with a condition called neutropenia. This is is an abnormally low count of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that helps fight off infections, particularly those caused by bacteria and fungi.

This got our attention, because on my wife's side there have been several deaths caused by cancer. So when blood cell abnormalities are present, we get very concerned.

She had been seeing a hematologist/oncologist, but had not had success in defeating the condition, that is until the following event took place.

In July of 2013 Mary met with her doctor to review her six month blood test results.

He walked into the room and asked her "Mary, how do you feel?". She was prepared for the worst, but replied "I feel great", to which he replied "We have great news - your red cells are perfect, your white cells are perfect, and you have no more vitamin B deficiency! So have you been taking those prescription vitamins I prescribed for you?"

Mary replied "No, as a matter of fact I have been taking Isotonic vitamin and mineral supplements for about four months now, ever since my husband became a distributor for the products." (I'll explain the advantages of Isotonix - Delivery in the Supplements section.)

Mary happened to have a travel bottle with her because we had just returned from a trip, and after looking the product over, he asked to meet with me to make these products available to his patients.

So as far as I'm concerned, my wife and I are committed to taking good supplements for life. It's a tiny price to pay for exceptional health.

As Mary mentioned to her doctor, I ended up becoming a distributor for the company - why wouldn't I?
  • Good supplements help people achieve and maintain great health
  • I get my own products at wholesale
  • It's a business that I can do part time and build an ongoing income
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