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WGTF "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
  -   USGTF Certified Class "A" Professional
IGCPA Certified Golf Psychology Coach  Email: Cell (716) 474-3005

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"Thank you Tom. Great Driver lesson today.

You knew how to diagnose the problem and fix it in just a few swings. A testament to your instructional skills."

Don C.

"Hi Tom, I had been having trouble hitting my driver on the sweet spot and seemed to be hitting on the heel and pulling every drive to the left. Your newsletter (Issue 405) drops into my inbox and low and behold your tip is all about necking the driver. I went to the range tonight and applied your tip of hovering the club at the sweet spot and then lowering to the ground for the actual swing. As you stated the club looked like the ball was lined up toward the toe. I proceeded to hit one drive after another on the sweet spot and straight down my target line. I also gained about 20-30 yards more than I had been hitting! As always, I find your newsletter and tips to be most helpful to improving my game! Can't wait to play on Wednesday!

Best, Karen K."

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Professional Golf Lessons
Thomas C. Tucker

WGTF "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
USGTF Certified Class "A" Professional

International Golf Psychology Association
IGCPA Certified Golf Psychology Coach

Mr. Tucker is now conducting lessons at the Batavia Country Club, located at 7909 Batavia-Byron Rd, Batavia, NY.

Mr. Tucker was formerly the head Teaching Professional at the Batavia Country Club , Batavia NY and was the Head Golf Coach for Genesee Community College from 2009 - 2011. The 2011 GCC team went all the way to a fourth place finish at the NJCAA National Championship Tournament in GCC's second season, and Coach Tucker was named 2011 NJCAA Division 3 Region 3 Coach of The Year.

He has been on the WGTF's "Top 100 Teacher" list since 2010. The WGTF - The World Golf Teaching Federation - is the world's largest organization of certified golf teaching professionals, with over 25,000 members world wide.

He mentored two sons who were PGA Golf professionals, and he won the  BCC Club Championship in 2005 and 2006. Click here Testimonials to see what students have to say.

How Our Lessons Are Different

One of the main reasons many players make changes to their swing with every issue of Golf Digest is that they don't understand the concept of their swing. Plato once said "Insecurity comes from not understanding the concept" and this applies in spades to golf.

First and foremost, I always try to see what a students body wants to do during the first lesson, then I try to match their swing instruction with their instincts.

Then you will learn why you are being taught what you are being taught during your lessons, so that you will develop a good understanding of your swing. You'll also be educated on ball flight laws, so that you'll have a concept of why your ball is doing what it's doing. That's the only way you'll be able to diagnose and self - correct your mistakes in the future. We'll help you formulate a plan for improvement, and we'll present it in a way that allows you to understand what needs to be done.

Another thing that makes our lessons different is the emphasis placed on ball striking. Being able to compress the ball with your swing is one of the first things a student should learn, it's that important.

But perhaps the most important thing you'll learn is exactly how to practice for skill development, and that point can not be overstated.

To read what our students have to say about their lesson experiences click here:
Lesson Testimonials

Students that opt for any Fundamental lesson or Fundamental lesson package receive access to lesson preview notes so that they can review what will be covered in the lesson ahead of time. My students have told me that having the information beforehand greatly helps them relate to the drills when we actually do them at the lesson.

After each lesson, students receive lesson follow up comments to help them structure their own practice sessions.

Feedback from students has indicated that they really appreciate this feature because it reinforces what we've gone over during the lesson and addresses specific strengths and weaknesses.

Who Should Take Lessons

Anyone, young or old, beginner or experienced, that wants to increase their skill level and enjoy the game more should try lessons. Lessons are for anyone that wants to learn, not just elite golfers.

If a student wants to learn, I want to teach.  

I guarantee that all students will feel comfortable during the lessons regardless of gender, race, age, or social status.

Although there is no "one swing fits all" in golf, there are certain fundamental elements of the swing that do apply to all, and you'll learn them here.

What To Expect From Your Lessons

First of all, you will learn a technique for good ball striking. Then we'll work on an efficient full swing method, as well as putting and chipping if you select those options.

If you are a beginner, or if you are a high handicapper that has been playing for a while without much success, you should probably start with the Fundamentals 5 Lesson Package. After you have completed all of the lessons, you should see dramatic improvement in your short game - putting and chipping - and you should have a basic understanding of how to execute a full swing correctly. Your brain will assimilate the short swings - putting and chipping - faster than the full swing technique, simply because there are fewer moving parts. The full swing requires more practice to become proficient. You will be taught correct technique, and you will learn drills to help you to continue to practice correctly. After that, more correct practice breeds more success.

If you are a more accomplished golfer, you will probably opt for Private Lessons. In this type of lesson, we usually identify areas of your game or swing that need improvement and proceed accordingly. At the conclusion of a private lesson, the student and I will have identified what needs work, and the student will have a good grasp of what he or she needs to do to improve.

Students that take private lessons should be those persons that are committed to improving their game and that are willing to spend the time to do so. It takes repetitions to build a good swing, and it's a process that requires recurring practice. It doesn't necessarily involve going to the range to hit balls every day, but it will require repetitive practice of movements on a regular basis. That's the only way that real, lasting improvement can be realized.

We will work on segments of your swing then put it all together for a finished product. Improvement doesn't happen overnight, it's a process - but it's a process that will last and allow you to develop a swing that you can repeat.

How To Get Lessons

Call or text Tom Tucker at (716) 474-3005, or email him at at

Gift Certificates

Contact Tom Tucker by email at

I'll gather the necessary details from you then I'll set up a gift certificate online that send you can print out on a color printer, place in a gift card, and present it to the recipient. Sample Gift Certificate

Payment is due when the student books the lesson, not before. That way you don't have to worry about paying for something that's never used.

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Professional Golf Lessons - Thomas Tucker
WGTF "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
USGTF Certified Class "A" Professional Cell (716) 474-3005

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