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"The SquareStrike™ drills done regularly will absolutely make you a better putter."
Tom Tucker - Inventor of SquareStrike™ Training Aid

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Access to ten video clips - 6 drills plus more tips - is provided after purchase.

I developed this training aid to replace about $400 worth of other relatively fragile training aids that I was using for my putting lessons. Now I have an ultra durable training aid that does everything all of my other training aids did and more at a fraction of the cost. By practicing with the SquareStrike™ Training Aid and the online drills, you can set up your own practice schedule to become the best putter in your foursome, maybe even at your course.

The six drills you can perform with the SquareStrike™ Training Aid are
  1. The Elevated Aimline Drill

    This drill is sometimes called the elevated string drill because the premise of the drill is to set up under an elevated string or cord and practice your stroke. It allows the player to monitor their eye position at setup, as well as their stroke path. With the setup that the SquareStrike™ Training Aid offers, it also has an accuracy and ball return component that other variations of this type of training aid don't offer.

  2. The Squareness Awareness Drill

    At my putting lessons, I have had a large majority of my students set up to the ball initially with a putterface that's either open or closed to their intended aimline. Open seems to be the most common error. This simple drill allows the student to see and feel exactly what square to the aimline is, and it carries over to their actual setup.

  3. The Aimline Accuracy Drill

    This may be the most important drill in the bundle, because if you can start your putt on your intended aiml;ine for the first 16 inches of the putt, you'll be a great putter. As you try to roll the ball through the various sized target openings, it will either validate your stance, stroke, and path or identify that you need more work in one or all of those areas. It can be combined with the elevated aimline, but I prefer to do it stand alone to test my stroke path and putterface squareness.

  4. The Stock Stroke Drill

    This is a drill that I used with a college team that I coached to a 4th place finish in the NJCAA National Tournament. This drill and concept holds the key to becoming an excellent lag putter. If you have distance control problems with your putting, this drill alone is worth the price of the training aid.

  5. The Barrier Drill

    It has been scientifically proven that a barrier as a target is more effective for training for putt length than an imaginary line or a flat indicator. The barrier drill provides that advantage.

  6. The Short Putt Channel Drill This drill actually grooves a repeatable stroke path. it can be used for a straight back - straight through stroke, or for an arcing stroke by adjusting the channel boards. This drill gives you supreme confidence on four foot and shorter putts. Knowing you can make 20 four footers in a row frees up your mind to get the ball to the hole on long lag putts. It's an indispensable drill.

Every and every SquareStrike™ Training Aid is hand made by Tom Tucker. The cost of the SquareStrike™ Training Aid and online access to all six of the the drills plus bonus information is only $69. Students that take a putting lesson from Tom get the discounted price of $49.

Contact Tom Tucker at (716) 474 3005 or at ttucker@rochester.rr.com to order your own SquareStrike™ Training Aid today.

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