The Putting Fork

impact bag

The Putting Fork is a simple putting training aid designed to help you putt straighter. It is all about getting the ball rolling in the right direction in the first 18 inches. If you think about how just the slightest degree of error initially can lead to a drastic miss from a long distance, hitting it straight right off the face is very important.

Set up is really easy, just lie the putting fork flat on the green flat, and place some tees in the holes. The wider the tees are apart, the easier it is; the closer together, the more difficult it is. There is a rear anchor hole too, but you probably won't need to use it.

For indoor use, just insert a couple of flat headed roofing nails from the bottom of the hole and you define your aimline by the nail shafts instead of tees. Marbles work well also, as long as you don't mind chasing them around.

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