2022 Batavia Country Club Junior Golf Camp

Conducted by instructors Tom Tucker, W.G.T.F. "Top 100 Golf Teacher",
Roxanne Noeth, 14 time BCC Women's Club Champion
and Head Coach of the Byron-Bergen H.S. Men's Basketball Team,

and Dominic NiCastro

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Boys and Girls - Ages 7-10       Boys and Girls - Ages 11-15

Boys and Girls Ages 7-10, 07/25/22 through 07/29/22

The age 7-10 players experienced decent weather for the most part, and a had great week for golf!

Back row, left to right: Ashton Mapes, Aiden Flaherty, Mike Richenberg, Patrick Casey,
Dan Mudrzynski, Hunter Sprague, Nolan Rogers, Joe Wujiec, Joe Mudrzynski, Garrett Morris,

Front row, left to right: Dakota Ford, Melina Moscicki, Lena Meyer, Crimson Hurd
Alex Tomidy, Luke Mills, Gavin Philp, Jacob Knowlton, Levi Fisher,
Absent from photo: Maisse and Delia Yunker


Nolan Rogers, Boys Champion, Melina Moscicki, Girls Champion

Nolan ran away with the tournament, besting the next best core by 5 strokes. Melina's win was a different story.
Melina Moscicki and Maisse Yunker were tied going into the last hole, and Melina prevailed by one stroke for the win.

Closest to the pin for the girls was Melina Moscicki, for the boys it was Gavin Philp.

Long drive on hole 14 winners were: boys - Nolan Rogers, Girls - no one kept it in the fairway,


Happy Campers!
Left to right: Dakota Ford, Nolan Rogers, Melina Moscicki, Hunter Sprague
Gavin Philp (Patrick Casey not in photo)

Lag Putting Champions

  • Juniors - Hunter Sprague
  • Seniors - Melina Moscicki - playoff winner over Garrett Morris

Putting Contest Champions

  • Juniors - Hunter Sprague 40 - edged out Gavin Philp by one stroke
  • Seniors - Maisse Yunker 39 (not in photo) - edged out Melina Moscicki and Aiden Flaherty by one stroke

Chipping Contest Champions

  • Dakota Ford
  • Nolan Rodgers

Pitch Shot Champions

  • Seniors - Patrick Casey
  • Juniors - Gavin Philp

During the week the junior golfers had other contests - daily team scrambles. aimline accuracy contest,
putts for bucks, etc. where they lightened Coach Tucker's wallet a bit.

All in all, the kids had a blast!

Boys and Girls Ages 11-15, 08/01/22 - 08/05/22

The kids had fun, they worked on their swing, and they enjoyed some great competition.

11-15 GROUP

Front Row: Ed Langford, Brooklyn Jachimowicz, Noah Zimmermen, Sawyer George, Cam Reimer, Cal Fancher
Hudson George, Lucas Hoisington, Arlo Hoisington, Nathan Konieczny, Wesley Fisher, Sean Reardon, Miles Meyer
Rear Row: Rhys Tanner, Brayden Jachimowicz, Trey Rodriguez, Michala Faulkner, Jada Fite, Adam Dolph
Eli Fisher, Anna DiRisio, Natalie Hamm, Harper Ferris, Cody Carlson


Boys Champion - Brayden Jachimowicz shot a 33 to squeek by Sawyer George and Cody Carlson by one stroke each. Girls Champion - Jada Fite shot a 33 and edged out Brooklyn Jachimowicz (Brayden;s sister) by a single stroke in two very exciting finishes.

Closest to the pin for the girls was Jada Fite, for the boys it was Cody Carlson.

Long drive on hole 14 winners were: boys - Cal Fancher, Girls - Anna DiRisio,


Left to right: Cal Fancher, Sawyer George, Sean Reardon
Jada Fite, Brayden Jachimowicz, Cody Carlson, Wesley Fisher

Lag Putting Champions

  • Juniors - Cal Fancher
  • Seniors - Cody Carlson

Putting Contest Champions

  • Juniors - Wesley Fisher 34 - edged out Lucas Hoisington in a six hole playoff by one stroke
  • Seniors - Cody Carlson 34 - topped Brayden Jachimowicz by a stroke in a six hole playoff.

Chipping Contest Champions

  • Juniors - Sean Reardon
  • Seniors - Jada Fite

Pitch Shot Champions

  • Juniors - Sawyer George
  • Seniors - Cody Carlson

During the week the golfers had other contests - daily team scrambles. aimline accuracy contest,
putts for bucks, etc. where they also lightened Coach Tucker's wallet!

All in all, the kids had great weather, made new friends, and had a great time

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