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The "CW" Flamingo Drill

This drill is a result of a lesson with a golfer "CW" who was having trouble keeping his weight on his forward side leg during a ball striking drill. After taking a few swings from the "flamingo" position, he was making pure contact, so I named this drill after him.

The "CW" Flamingo Drill
  1. Set up for this short swing ball striking drill with 90% weight pressure on your forward leg, and with your rear foot flat on the ground with very light pressure. You should have so much weight on your forward leg that you almost feel like a flamingo standing on one leg.

  2. During your takeaway and short backswing, actually put more down pressure on your forward leg.

  3. Initiate your downswing with a short lateral hip slide towards the target, keeping your head still.

  4. Transport your hands through impact in a position that produces good forward shaft lean at impact. When that is accomplished, you can be confident that your wrists are in a good impact position at the strike.
Do this drill for 15 to 45 focused minutes.

Perform repetitions at a line a line scratched in the ground, or actually hitting balls, and watch your ball striking improve like magic.

When doing the reps, take four slow motion swings then an actual swing. It's called the 4:1 ratio for practice.

Hitting soft practice balls (AlmostGolf Balls) into a net, or into blanket hung from a clothesline in your back yard, is just as effective as hitting balls at the range for this drill.
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