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The Down and Through Drill

The Divot Board

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The "Down and Through" Drill

I would estimate that about 95% of my students, especially the new students, pop "Up and Out" at impact until I train them to stay "Down and Through".

"Up and Out" means that they don't maintain their side tilt long enough through impact, that they stand tall too soon. The resulting ball flight is usually a weakly struck ball that may start straight but then fades right, is off the intended target line, and usually falls short of the target.

I truly believe that this drill may well be the best drill that you can do for consistent ball striking. It has produced great results with my students.
  • The Down and Through Swing Drill - without a ball, swing the club halfway back, then halfway through in slow motion. Make sure that you retain some side tilt through impact (5th image below), and that your abbreviated finish has long arms with your torso centered (not leaning towards the target) and some side tilt. .

    Do this drill continuously for 2 minutes (30 repetitions) per practice session. Kill two birds with one stone by using your Divot Board with this drill.

  • At the range, do this drill for 2 minutes, then hit balls with short swings, finish correctly and "pose" to check your finish position.

  • A variation of this drill would be to grip two thirds of the way down the shaft on a seven iron and perform the same posiitons and movements with the club held that way your hands. You'll know if you are flipping through impact, because the grip will poke you in the ribs if you lose your wrist angles.