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Bump and Turn

True power and control comes from swinging the golf club with a combination of lateral weight shift towards the target, combined with powerful core rotation and proper upper torso inclination (tilt) towards the ball.

This Bump and Turn drill will help you feel the active engagement of your body in the swing.

Address the ball as you would with a golf club, weight slightly favoring the forward side, arms crossed. with your hands on the front of your shoulders. Next, simulate your backswing. During your backswing, feel your right side stretching tall, . your left shoulder lowering This will help you maintain a proper extended spine angle and body tilt as you turn. Keep your angle of inclination to the ground constant throghout the backswing and forward swing. Keeping your head still helps.

As you turn (swing) back, feel your weight pressuring your front foot. Now, bump/slide your hips laterally forward to start your downswing, and turn your chest towards the target, moving more weight over your front foot as you turn forward. Make sure that your shoulder turn is at an angle to the ground, not parallel to it. Your spine will start out bent towards the ball, then it will straighten in the backswing, then be tilted towards the ball at impact, then will have an opposite tilt orientation in the follow through.

It's important to allow your head to turn through the shot with your body. Keeping your head down too long is worse than bringing it up too soon. This head movement allows you to rotate through fully to the correct finishing position.

You will notice your weight is fully on your left foot and your chest is facing the target as it should be at the end of your swing. In your completed finish position your spine should be extended so that you are standing tall, but also tilted slightly towards the aimline. You should observe the ball flight through angled eyes.

This simple drill will give you the feel for how body involvment feels in the golf swing. The more you practice this drill the more you will feel your weight transferring toward the target on actual shots.

You don't need any special equipment to do this, and doing 100 repetitions of this drill during a practice session will do wonders for your swing and your rhythm.
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